Dental Implant Cost Romania

The cost of dental implants in Romania is cheaper than in other European countries. Romania has become a good option for dental implant treatment with its cheap labour and specialised doctors who have been developing dental clinics in recent years.

Romania, with its capital Bucharest, offers a unique travel experience and is an important location for the same dental treatments and aesthetic dental operations.

Romania has experienced dentists and offers low-cost and successful dental treatment services compared to European countries.

Compared to Western Europe, dental treatment prices in Romania can be 70% cheaper.

The cost of dental implants depends on factors such as the number of implants, types of implants, the area where the implants will be placed and the additional procedure required for the implants.

The table below shows the expected cost of implants in Romania, comparing implant prices in Romania, USA, UK and Australia.

Romania in Eastern Europe gives you many reasons to travel for dental implants. Some of the important reasons include:

When you compare the cost and success rate of Romanian dental implants, you will notice that the country is low in cost but high in success rate. Compared to other European countries such as Spain and Italy, their costs are lower.

Shorter Treatment Times
Besides cost-effective dental treatment, Romania is known to have shorter dental treatment times.

Business Friendly Policies
The cost of running any business, including corporate profit tax, VAT, labor costs and a clinic, is lower compared to other countries in Europe.

Tourism Sector
Romania is a beautiful city to explore in between your dental appointments. The country is known for scenic drives, castles, fortresses, painted monasteries, world heritage sites and Black Sea resorts.

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